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More Art and Web Updates.

Yesterday I finally managed to work a little more on my site. I uploaded fifteen more files in the art section, as well as added a book page to the main site. I wanted to say a few words about the art that I uploaded.

There are two additional sections that I added to the art page. The first section added is for my sketch series titled 'Dead Cities.' There are only three works there at the moment, as I haven't finished the series yet. These are a little more worked than my original ink sketches; they are inked by hand and painted in Photoshop using blacks and whites. This series is inspired by one of my favorite music albums 'Dead Cities' by the band 'The Future Sound of London', or known as 'FSOL.' Each work is based off a song from the album. At the time I started this series (back in July of this year), I had been struggling with some internal issues. For more on this, you can read my previous post. This album had been tied to a lot of past memories in which I needed to sort through. It's a strange thing - to draw to finalize some past memories - but hey, it's what I needed. The images were the result of me working through my own stuff.

The second section added is my 'Dirty Epic' series. Again, this is also an unfinished series based off another music album guessed it! 'Dirty Epic' by 'Underworld.' This album also has many past memories tied to it, and one of the main albums that inspired my book series (as well as the Dead Cities and Billy Idol's Cyberpunk album.) In the ink series, there is a different character featured from my books. I drew and colored the characters how I would have back in 1998-1999. Those two years were life-changing to me in many ways. Though I don't have the time to get into it, you can read my book series; Princess Emerald's POV's are a good glimpse into my life at that time.

And lastly, I added several more ink sketches under the sketch section. This section will be periodically updated. As I was adding more sketch work, I came to the conclusion that at some point I think I will make the art section into albums - that way people aren't scrolling far down through my ink sketch section to get to the other art sections. I don't know why I didn't think about that until now. I also wanted to mentioned that I now have a book section added to my site! Hooray! It's not super detailed because I already have a main website for my book. It just gives a little info and a link to my book site if anyone wants more information about the story, characters, and where to purchase if they are interested.

Hope you all are having a fabulous week! I plan to post more on Friday. Until then! #art #sketch #draw #drawing #ink #sketchbook #book #books #website

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