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Day Trip: Crown King, AZ

Hey all! Sorry I haven't posted anything in almost a week. I've been mainly offline due to some medical issues and didn't have the energy nor the strength to blog and/or update my site. More cosplay photos are coming; it's just set back slightly. Also it's Spring Break, so I have been with the kiddos more. Starting tomorrow, I plan on getting back to a normal work schedule, maybe slightly altered until the break is over with. But enough about that - let's talk about Crown King!

(Above photo is near the town of Crown King. Below is on the way up to the town.)

I'm not a historian by any means, so what I'm about to write is purely from memory of what I read of Crown King (CK) in the past. CK was at one time one of the most popular gold mining towns of Arizona back in the late 1800s. It is set high in the mountains, about two hours north from the Phoenix area. Now, all that remains of the town is a general store, saloon, restaurant, fire station, a few cabin rentals, random homes and private cabins. Outside the town, there are many areas to camp, and a lake nearby. Sorry I don't have any photos of the town; this trip we didn't visit the town, only the outskirts of the town to play in the snow. Normally, I'd write a lot more about the history of the town, but I'm feeling a bit tired today, so I'll just detail my day for this post.

There was no rain in the forecast, but apparently the weather forecast was wrong. When we got to the town, it started to sprinkle with it continuing throughout the entire time we were up there. It made the snow very wet, but great for making snowballs. There was also a ton of mist, which reminded me of the 'Misty Mountains' in Lord of the Rings.

Coming down the mountain, there were two more amazing things we came across. The first being we saw poppies! I haven't seen them since I lived in Lake Elsinore a few years ago. I missed seeing the poppies of California, so it was a wonderful additional to my day.

Also, as we were driving back home, a major storm hit. I took these incredible photos of the storm blowing in. The love the power behind these clouds. I kept snapping photos because I was in awe of the sky and cloud's beauty.

A little out of order, but I snapped a photo of coming down the mountain. The snow had melted on this side, as it faced the direction of the sun. It's a good snapshot of the Arizona wilderness, and I felt this photo is a great ending piece to warm the heart for anyone's day.

Until next time!


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Lovely photos, Beth!

Beth Hodgson
Beth Hodgson
Mar 14, 2023
Replying to

Thank you Knight!! I tried to do capture decent photos this time around. :D

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