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Fragments of the Heart: Monthly Update

Once a month I like to update my readers on my writing progress for 'The Spectrum of Magic.' Without further ado, let's get started.

Since getting back my manuscript critique last month for 'Fragments of the Heart,' there were areas in my manuscript that needed more story. I knew this ahead of time before submitting my manuscript for the critique, but I felt that I was stuck in a rut for certain characters and needed some outside perspective on them. Because of my developmental editor is well versed in my world and all the characters that live in it, I felt that I could go no further without some advice. One being Lady Vala (pictured above.)

It's strange because as much as I felt unsure of Vala's story, she's easily a favorite character of mine to write about. I think because I love her, I didn't want to make her story appear weak. I had rewritten several scenes with her until I became frustrated on where I wanted to take her in the story. After getting my critique back from my editor, I have a solid foundation with Vala's story, and have been enjoying writing about her these past two weeks.

Prior to this, I had been working heavily on Telly, Garrett, and Victor's plotlines. I still have some touches to add, but I have most of their new material nailed down. I'm so happy with the new material, and cannot wait for another round of feedback from my editor.

As for the book itself, right now the word count is at 207k words. To put this in perspective, it's as big as my first book right now (213k was the final word count), and it keeps growing. I have always said this, but I believe once everything is said and done, this book (FotH) will be roughly 230-240k words. Usually with a few more rounds of revisions, more words are added. Other authors tend to do the opposite, where they keep cutting words until their story is down pat. I, on the other hand, tend to keep adding due to needing it for the overall plot, kind of like adding details on a painting, but with this, it's adding details into the story.

My goal is to finish up major revisions by the middle of May, so here's to making my goal! I will continue to keep everyone posted. Art credit by Mansik Yang.

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