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Major Artwork Update.

Hey all! It's been a LONG and tiresome week. I got very little writing done due to the entire household being sick (including me!) On top of everything else, I've been looking to pick up additional work, which means updating some areas on my site. Also, if this post has any sort of grammatical errors, please forgive me - I'm still a little bit out of sorts.

If any of you have ventured to my art page, you'll notice it's changed a lot. I added more to the color section, revised my ink section to include doodles, and added some life drawings and past professional work (not much I could find, but still working on it.) I have to stop for the time being due to afternoon appointments, but it gives you a broader scope of my full range of art style.

Listen, some of this artwork is not necessarily 'my style' of art, but more for the practice of doing different styles. You'll notice this especially in the professional section, but it's also in a few other sections as well. I did include more fanart; I think I will revise this slightly to make a fanart section since I have more. And yes, I did do that above image. It's an Albrecht Durer master copy using the grid method. I inked it entirely by hand which took me two solid months. Probably the most work I ever did on an inked work. Just also have to say that Albrecht Dürer is one of my top three favorite artists ever, with Erté and Yoshitaka Amano being the other two. As for the snake image above, it's my original concept design of a snake-woman. I remember painting it and my sister said, "Oh, she's so ugly." At the time, I wasn't meaning to make her look beautiful or ugly, just a woman who's sad. Now, as I review the work, I actually do think she looks beautiful.

The art shown above is a licensed brand I helped create for an art studio. I was asked to make a cute, fun, and cool 'high school anime girl' for a christian company. The final character turned out a lot different than when I first created the character (same with the other two characters.) Originally, I had this character have smaller lips, paler skin, more of curves in her body, and a lot of other minor details. Working on this brand was a pain, because everyone freaks out in that industry. Too sexy, too feminine, too curvy, too weird, too punk-rock...'the character looks possessed!' ALL of these things were said amongst all of these christian companies, and the art studio kept making me change the character until most of the industry 'accepted' the character. Even THEN, some didn't and couldn't stomach the whole idea. If only these people saw my personal sketch work of cyborg women...they would flip. Anyway, because of this brand, my artwork made it into the major publication of 'Business Week' magazine back in 2005. After creating the characters, backgrounds, and other artwork for the style guides, I left the company. I recently googled the brand; a lot of my artwork was changed - crappily I might add - with terrible quality of line art and shading. It looked like the art studio got an intern to revise my drawings. Probably did.

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