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Mini thought: Writing about children and teens...

As a writer, I tend to stay far away from writing children and teen characters. It's never interested me to write about kids having tantrums, being all emo, or just your typical teenage outbursts and drama. That being said, as my series has unfolded, it became impossible NOT to write children and teen characters. I want to stay true to writing about real life but in a fantasy/scifi setting. And how can I have a book series not featuring a few kiddos if I am imitating real life?

I have to say, in my third novel that I have been working on (getting close to wrapping up this manuscript to give to my editor), I have thoroughly enjoyed writing about these two characters and their storyline. I revealed Jihyun and Gwen's art several months ago on and older blog post. But as for the other two characters, Garrett was revealed on Patreon a long while ago, and Suri is a brand new reveal! I usually have some grand bio for them, but I don't at the moment. I will get these characters and their bios up on my website this fall (along with two more characters) to prepare for book three.

Enjoy the art! I'll be at Saboten this weekend talking about character development and worldbuilding for stories for one of my panels. It's a new panel for me (a deviation from last year's character concept panel.) I'm super excited!

Have a good week everyone! Character 1: Jihyun Character 2: Gwen Hearly

Character 3: Suri

Character 4: Garrett Art by Mansik Yang

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Looks great!

Beth Hodgson
Beth Hodgson
Aug 28, 2023
Replying to

Thank you Knight! The artist is amazing!!!

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