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Personal Thoughts for April

Hello all! Wow, long time no post! I had not intended to have it go this long without any posts or updates to the site, but life has a funny way of changing plans. For that, I am sorry for those looking for the next photo, artwork, writing post, or just thoughts about life. I love maintaining this site and keeping it current, and was sad that I had been away two weeks from it.

Recently, I started a new job as a Graphic Designer at the beginning of this month. Also, at the same time, my husband started a new job as well. Prior to this, I had been staying at home writing and being a mom to my kiddos while hubby worked. Since the major loss of tech jobs that swept through the US, my husband was one of the causalities. The company he had worked for shut down. Because of this, both of us needed to find jobs, and asap. It was the very reason I had been stressed the previous month. Fortunately, we both found work. Unfortunately, it's taken a toll on my writing, art, and website stuff. Our schedules are very different, and I have been taking these past two weeks adjusting to our new schedules, and when I am able to squeeze in some creative time. I think in the next two weeks, I will have more of a solid creative "Beth" schedule and be back on track as for writing and some creative content.

As for my new job, I love it. Everything has been amazing! As for me personally, I had been battling a severe case of dry eye (due to my Sjogren's Syndrome.) It was so bad that I had to go to Urgent Care on Easter. If you noticed that I haven't posted many photos of me lately, it was due to be being sick prior to getting me new job, and then battling my dry eyes for two weeks. If you haven't seen severe dry eyes, it looks similar to 'Pink Eye,' but with both eyes. It also makes your vision blurry, your eyelids heavy, your eyes tired and your body sleepy. Since getting medicine on Easter, I'm about 97% better, and hoping that in the next week everything will be back to normal. I miss wearing makeup and tired of always wearing my glasses due to dry eyes.

Since it's been awhile, I do want to post a little about my writing progress, and about recent thoughts. Though my writing time has been a challenge these past two weeks, I can proudly say that I have made decent progress on my current novel 'Fragments of the Heart.' The book now sits at 210k - I added about 30k last month of new material. I still have about another 30k to go, but it will be done within the next 4 weeks. If all is said and done, I will have this new revision done by the end of July, and will send it back to my developmental editor for the final changes.

Also, do you remember me mentioning about a secret writing project? I am glad to announce that I have been working on a 'King's Quest' fanfiction piece. I have nearly 10k done, and plan to end the story at 50k. It's one POV with the character Prince Alexander (shown above) with his story centered around his love of magic and longing to be a wizard over him being expected to learn the ways of being a future king. It also involves of his love of Cassima, right after he rescues her from the wizard Mordack. I am really in love with writing this piece, and am extremely proud of how it is turning out. Once it is finished, I will post it to my website publicly, as well as upload it to the fanfiction sites.

One final thought as I close here. I think about how much time I have spent chasing after those who I have loved or cared for - and in return, these people don't care. It hurts, and honestly has been triggers of my physical health. It's strange how our mind works. If we are hurting or unhappy in our thoughts and mind, our physical health declines and we are in pain. Some people I have spent years of caring for to get no sort of care in return. Not that I expect any sort of 'payment' for being caring, but there comes a point to where you cannot waste your life on emptiness and fulfillment. Over the past three years, I have cut many of these types of people out of my life because they suck the joy out of my life. I must remain confident in who I am, and put my love and care into those who need that love and appreciate it. That's my two cents for today.

I will not let my posting go this long without making another post or updating my site. I love you all, and thank you for reading this post and supporting me!

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