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Personal Thoughts for the week

Double post for today, as there is much I want to update you all with. First off, I have two pics that are Skyrim-themed for this post. It has literally nothing to do what I'm talking about, but it brings me peace whenever I see anything related to Skyrim.

As mentioned in the last post, I had finished redesigning my interior print version for 'Fragments of Light.' I had taken me almost an entire week working on it since I haven't done any sort of book layouts since 1999. But like everything else, once you know how to do something, it kind of never leaves your memory. Same with book design. I had to teach myself InDesign as I refreshed my memory on how to layout a book. What took me the most time was to make sure my design page count matched the version that is on sale in the stores, otherwise I'd have to register a new ISBN number. I finally matched the page count with managing to trim a few sentences out of the manuscript (these sentences I decided I hated after the book was published.) Don't worry, it's not a ton of trimmed material.

Why am I doing this? The bigger thing is that I plan to release a hard cover edition of my current works. I don't want to outsource the book design anymore, and feel confident that I can do it. Also, it's a pain when there is a minor change that needs to happen and I have to contact the person who laid out the book. It's easier and saves time if I just do it myself.

The bigger news that's buried in this post is that the company my husband works for is shutting down. Yep. Fun times. I've been really stressed out which in turn, makes me anti-social. We do have a plan in place, but we will have to adjust to a major lifestyle change. I still plan on writing, posting updates, and freelance beta reading. But I do think there will be some additional workload that I will have to take on. Only time will tell.

Other than those things, I have been spending a lot of my free time working on the site. The new additions are not live except a few more things in my store, but I expect the changes to be live within the next week. This will include a lot of my cosplay backlog. I didn't even know I had as much as I did.

Here's to a new week! Thanks all!

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