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Personal thoughts: Witch of the Wild, writing updates, and more.

Well, it's been quite the two weeks. Actually, more like quite the month. From being rushed to prepare for the con at the beginning of this month, to working on my book, and just family business...I felt like I had abandoned my blog. I hadn't really, but I hadn't been as personal on it as I normally have. I feel like finally I'm at a good place to write more blog posts, or at least draft them out and post when they are finished.

As for the last post, it was rushed. I had started writing the post prior to work the day I wrote it, and just simply ran out of time. I felt that I was only half way done, and had more to say about it - this weekend I plan on sitting down and adding to that post, as well as writing a few other posts in advanced because really, there is so much to write about and it's burning inside of me. The day after I made my Dragonlance post I felt bad about being half-assed about my post, and for the future to draft my posts and complete them fully before I post them. Lesson learned.

Okay some really cool stuff for me. Recently, I got a bunch of photos from an old cosplay shoot I did back in 2015 (see above photo.) It's an armor mod of Skyrim (vanilla game) called 'Witch of the Wild.' I'm also holding an in-game staff called 'The Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson.' At this time, I was 4 months pregnant with my youngest child. I had decided to make one last costume before the baby came, and gave this my all. This is truly one of my favorite costumes I made (besides Aela and Red Sonja.) This costume has a lot of memories attached to it, as this was my favorite in game armor to wear, as well as the countless hours playing Skyrim and making mods for it. At the time of the photoshoot, I had gotten about four photos. Time came and went. Then here we are in 2023, there are a bunch of new photos. I'm sorting through them now and will post hopefully this weekend. There's a ton of great shots!

As for book updates, here's where I am at for 'Fragments of the Heart.' I have made excellent progress on the draft, and am about three-quarters of the way through my revisions. This past week, I have reached out to my copy/line editor and started making plans for next February 2024. End goal: Spring 2024 to release Fragments of the Heart. The line/copy editing will take roughly six weeks, but then there is proofreading, which will be several more weeks. Then formatting etc. I hope to get it out at the end of May, but it all depends on workflow etc. It might be early June, depending how everything is wrapped up with both editors. But in the meantime, I am chipping away at my revisions, planning on fully getting my revisions completed in the next 30 days. After that, I will do another full read/revisions. The next round won't be that intense as far as revisions are concerned. It will be to catch any smaller story/plot errors, cleaning up some of the dialog, and a little writing to add to any scenes as needed. As for some of the characters, I had been working more on Telly's scenes, as well as Victor, Geeta, and a few others for those of you who are interested. Several of the minor characters will become more main characters in this book. I had never intended that originally, but sometimes stories turn out completely different than what you first started with.

Right now, I am rereading my second novel "Fragments of the Mind." This novel especially I am proud of. Of course, I was proud of my first book. That was, until I wrote my second book, and that became my pride and joy for my writing. As I am rereading my novel, I surprised myself at how well I have woven the story together, wrote many of the scenes, etc. I don't ever like to brag or puff myself up, but really, I like to give credit when credit is due. Here's to a big pat on my back! I'm more than halfway done with my reread, and hope to finish it up within this next week.

Hope everyone has a good week! Until next time! #writing #write #cosplay #skyrim #witchofthewild #skyrimmods #skyrimmod #staff

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