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Personal Update: Painting, Computer Access, and Photo Stuff.

I feel like I have been away forever in many aspects of my life. In many ways, I kind of have. This includes my internet usage and personal time. Much of this was due to a lack of work area. But alas, I finally have a 'Beth' space once again.

Because of my lack of work area (computer and writing area), I've literally gotten nothing accomplished these past two weeks except three hours on that fanart drawing I did last week. In turn, much of this has made me depressed and feeling empty. I know what I'm about to say sounds silly, but hear me out.

Those of you who have read my previous blog posts know that my life has changed in many ways. This affected where I used to use my computer to write, photos, and artwork. I had to relocate my work space to another part of the house so I can freely write and do creative stuff once the household is asleep. But, here was the main problem: The room that I needed to relocate my stuff was painted YELLOW. I'm talking dirty, mustard yellow. No, I never painted the room this color - it was due to the previous homeowners. (Just FYI - we purchased our home in 2021 and repainted most of the rooms, except the bathrooms, office/den, and the kids' rooms.) I cannot work in a yellow room. Period. I know it sounds nuts, but I have to have the area decorated in order for me to focus and relax my mind. Yellow doesn't make me relax. At all. Poor Auron, Jude, and Scion. (The Spectrum of Magic book reference for my readers out there!)

After planning all week where my crap was gonna go, I woke up early Saturday morning and bought paint. The kids and I painted all day Saturday. Actually, I painted all day Saturday and they painted for about an hour, but kudos for them wanting to help. You wonder why I painted the room white? I know it sounds super boring for someone who is obsessed with colors. One: it soaks in LED color lights beautifully. Two: It's great for my eyes - I don't strain them nearly as much as I do in dark rooms (I have Sjogren's, and need to maintain good eye health.) Anywho, I finished the entire room on Saturday, and moved my crap in on Sunday. It's barren for the most part expect my desk area, another computer area, and a futon. But hey! I have a space!

As for those of you who have been waiting for Red Sonja updates. I added a few more photos tonight, and will be adding more throughout this week. I'm hoping to finish out the two new albums this week, with the 2020 album having at least 10 photos, and the studio another 10 photos. My plan is to finish them up in the next three days, then finish my fan art this weekend. That way, I can dive back into my writing hard next Monday with not having any loose ends with projects.

It's getting late now and time to sign off for the night. Take care! -Beth #redsonja #personalthoughts #redhead

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A mustard yellow room sound uninspiring indeed! :P

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Beth Hodgson
Beth Hodgson
12 mag 2023
Risposta a

It was!!!! I'm so glad I painted it white!!! haha!! :D

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