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Recent Read: See No Weevil

It's time for another recent read post! I can now say that after all these years, I finally read all three King's Quest Novel Trilogy. This wouldn't have been done if it weren't for a wonderful Redditor who posted the books in PDF format.

Before I begin, let me say that it is impossible to get a copy of this book, as the book is out of print. If you find it on eBay, it is usually priced at $800 or more. I talk about this in two other recent read posts found here and here. And thanks to the King's Quest community on Reddit, it made it possible for me to read this book.

Okay, now onto the book itself (without spoilers.) I will say that I enjoyed this book, but in no way is this book worth $800 that Ebay sellers make it out to be. Out of all three books in the series, I have to say that I liked this book the least. But that is in no way diminishing the book's story at all. On the contrary, I still loved the book very much. The story centers around the Princess Rosella at the age of 15 years old. Her parents (the King and Queen) went away to another kingdom to attend a wedding. To avoid attending, Rosella pretended to be sick. Her idea was to stay behind in her kingdom to be independent of her parents and 'run the kingdom' while they were away. Well, we all know how 15 year olds are - thinking they know everything. You can imagine that everything that could go wrong went wrong.

The writer added characters that weren't canon to the video games, but I didn't mind it at all. In fact, there was a character in particular that added to the depth of the story (her new tutor that was a young failed magician.) The two personalities of Rosella and her new tutor were like night and day, giving the book some comedy.

If you want to read any of these books, I provided the link in the first paragraph for you to download the PDFs. Also, just a fun side note, I did a fanart of Princess Rosella from this book a few months ago. The fanart was of her design from the King's Quest games, specifically KQ7 (her design being more cartoonish.)

Since I finished up this series, I've been debating on what to read next. There are several books that I have been leaning toward. I've been wanting to reread a favorite book of mine from my teens, which I might do. I guess you all will find out in the next recent read post!

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