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Red Sonja: Artwork by Gilead Artist

About two weeks ago, I had posted a photo of my Red Sonja costume in the subreddit 'Sword and Sorcery.' Usually, whenever I post, there is always a few down-votes verses the majority of up-votes. For this subreddit however, they all loved my costume (even those who don't like cosplay) and many of them appreciated the art behind the photos. There was an artist in that sub that commented on my photo that appreciated the pose. We chatted a little bit, and I checked out his artwork (which I really loved a lot.) I sent him my entire Red Sonja set as appreciation from one artist to another.

Well this week, this artist sketched my Red Sonja three times, all live on Facebook. I have one photo that he sent me, the other two are screenshots of his Facebook live. Needless to say, I am thrilled that he used my photos for reference.

If you are interested in his Facebook live drawing sessions, or checking out his art, here are his links:





*If I have any grammatical errors in this post, I apologize. I had fought off a horrible migraine this morning, and feeling slightly better (but still not entirely myself.)

#art #fanart #redsonja #artist #lifedrawing #sketch #draw

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