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Saboten Con 2023 recap

For those of you who are on Facebook and have seen my recap post, I apologize that this post will be pretty much a 'copy and paste' sort of post. I do plan to go into more depth about these past few weeks in my next post at the end of this week.

First off, I want to say a huge thank you to Greg and Stacy for inviting me as a guest. I love Saboten Con, and this year was truly the best con I have experienced in my many years of attending a con! (And I thought last year was amazing at Sabo as well!) I really love Sabo, between the staff, the helpers, and the attendees - it's such a 'big' cozy con. There is much to celebrate from my time at Sabo - from amazing book sales, to my panels being packed, to have reader fans that have read my books and waiting for the next one (many stopped by my booth to tell me this....some had read my books twice over...) The list goes on and on.

In hindsight, I wish I took more photos overall, especially of my panels. Oh well. I was extremely busy overall, between setting up my booth and the workshop panels (worbla demo and photo demo especially.) But I did manage to capture two great moments - one of them being a staff member who happened to be an avid reader (along with another staff member.) We chatted about different fantasy books which was so much fun. I took a photo of one of the staff members in cosplay - from a book! (The Wheel of Time - Thom Merrilin.)

The other cosplay photo I took was from my LED lighting demonstration - the lovely Bella. She volunteered to be my demo model for the panel. But what's even cooler was that I had met her last year; Bella had purchased my books at last year's con and came back the first day of this con to tell me that she loved my books - and how excited she was to see me as a guest back at Saboten for this year! WOW!! I was humbled!! I took a ton of photos of Bella for the demo; for my blog I am sharing five of my favorite photos of her (different from Facebook as I shared three of them.) And of course, I have to post my fav selfie of a smashing outfit that I felt great in for one of the days! (Above photos in the army pants.)

Welp! Until next time! I ordered some art prints for my personal birthday present and finished a great set of books over the past week. I will post more on that at the end of the week! Cheers! -Beth #sabotencon #sabotencon2023 #cosplay #book #books #author #photography #ledlighting #led

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