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Today's Sketch: BOT

I had a nightmare last week and haven't been able to get it out of my head since. In the nightmare, I was at a plastic surgeon's office. All the women in the waiting room looked the exact same (just like everyone looks exactly the same online on their Instagram.) The women had the huge 'duck lip' injections with the cat eyes. I was sitting there on my phone, waiting to be called for the interview, as I was applying for a receptionist job there. As I waited, I was reading a sub-reddit comment section of a post. Suddenly, the comment section was all blank, with the same profile and em-dashes in the comment and reply sections. I knew at that moment, my phone had been hacked. But it was too late, as my front-facing camera turned on from the hacker, and I was locked into place. I couldn't escape the hacker or the bots, and I remained frozen as they stole all my information, personal photos, and facial recognition information.

It was all very strange and thankfully it wasn't real. Whew!

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Spooky dream! are you ok?

Replying to

Hope so too, fam!

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