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This is a signed author's copy of "Fragments of the Mind," the second book in the epic cyberpunk-fantasy series "The Spectrum of Magic." Along with the copy of the book, you will receive 6 character trading cards (one card is prismatic) and 1 bookmark.  Books are also available in Barnes and Noble, and also Amazon, but you will not get the goodies if purchased through those sites. Page count: 672 pages.

Shipping inside the US is Media Mail only. Returns are not accepted.NO OUT OF COUNTRY SHIPPING!***If you are out of country and want an author copy, use the 'Contact Us' button on the website and send me a chat to work something out. Thank you!

Please visit "The Spectrum of Magic" website for more information:

Synopsis of "Fragments of the Mind":
Months after the defeat of Sorceress Ikaria, the High Court sends orders for High Inquisitor Rubius to collect and permanently remove the sorceress’s violet magic once and for all. Paired with a mysterious gifted woman of the court, Rubius travels to confront the sorceress in World Sector Six’s prison. Instead of being hailed as a respected member of the High Court, Rubius is met with resistance, and his journey leaves him struggling with an onslaught of strange reoccurring dreams.

Back in Arcadia, war looms on its doorstep. The wastelands are in jeopardy as neighboring kingdoms form an alliance demanding that Arcadia dismantle and destroy the remaining cyborgs. King Derek leaves in haste, not alluding to any details on his sudden departure, while Queen Emerald falls into a magical coma and cannot be awakened by anyone, nor any spell.

With the future and the present being threatened, there is only one person who can save all of time from the darkness that overshadows it…

The Spectrum of Magic - Fragments of the Mind (Book 2) SIGNED

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