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For those of you who are Facebookers, you might have seen my post for today. I will repost some of what I had said earlier, but I will also add a few more thoughts to this post. I like to make things more personal here than I do anywhere else.

First off, this early special reveal is for my blog! Above, you see an illustration for "Fragments of the Heart." But wait, why is there another book cover? It's not really...but here's a little backstory. As I was first writing the early version of "Fragments of the Heart" back in 2020-2021, I had thought that the book would be too big to make into one book. As usual, I try to keep the books around 215k-250k. The main reason is I want to keep the pricing the same as much as possible; if I added a ton of pages the amount of pages go up, hence the rising book costs. So I had thought that I would need two book covers at the time. But as time went on, I realized that I didn't need two covers. But it's okay! I am able to add the art inside the book, as well as giveaway prints of it (along with the trading cards that come with book three.)

Writing update for "Fragments of the Heart": Yes, I am still working on this darn book three. I'm more than halfway done with my developmental edits, and will be finished by October. There will be a few more changes from October to December (mostly light changes), then I plan to start my copy editing in January (or February, depending on my line/copy editor's schedule.) The manuscript is pushing 240k right now, which is the biggest book so far in the series!

Okay, switching gears. Let's talk about cosplay. I don't have a lot of time to make new costumes, and unfortunately, I don't hardly have much time to be creative outside my writing and a few scattered posts. That being said, I still have some tentative plans to shoot some stuff that I already have made, but never had photos taken of them. When it cools down, I am wanting to get a photoshoot scheduled with my favorite photographer (Michael, who has taken the amazing Red Sonja photos.) I'll let you all know when that happens. But for now, I will be sharing a sprinkle of cosplay photos. I'm sorry I hadn't been doing so as much. Like I said in a previous post, the whole AI thing irritated me, and having a somewhat private online life is what I was wanting. That being said, I do miss being online, and want to keep in touch and share some of my creativity when it strikes me. My new work is going good. The design aspect challenges me everyday. I also get to work with big machines (printer/laminator/plotter/huge metal cutter idk what to call it....) Anywho - hope you all had a great Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

Photo Credits: 1. Triss Merigold (The Witcher) - Me

2. Red Sonja - Photo by the Amazing Michael Burian 3. Sorceress Belinda (Original Design/Spectrum of Magic) - Natasha Hayes

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