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Personal Updates - December 2023

Hi everyone! It's been far too long since I've posted on my blog, or even being online. Much has transpired in my life these past two or so months. I am sorry for being away for so long. Honestly, it might be that way until I send off my manuscript to my editor.

Of course, I have been busy at work (haha like my selfie before heading to work one morning?) It's crazy how much design work I have done for the city I live in. Now as I drive around the city doing my normal trips to the grocery store, events, or karate, I see my design work all over. From huge illuminated building signs, to window graphics, to little ity-bity decals on cars...I see it everywhere. Even those fun street signs for roads, fire signs, or A-Frame stands that sell coffee...yep! I designed them! Heck, I probably printed, laminated, cut the metal, and applied it all. That's me.

But really, in all of that, that main reason I haven't been online is my manuscript. Every free minute I have, every evening I have free - it's all dedicated to cleaning up my final draft of 'Fragments of the Heart' before sending it to my copy editor. I am sooooo happy how this book has turned out - though how I wrote this book is far more unconventional than the last two. Since there are a million characters in this book, I didn't want to leave any plot hanging. It's been a long journey, and the end is in sight. Because of that, I must remain focused. I know myself - if I log onto social media I will linger for a long time. In that amount of time, I could have edited a scene. I have very little time, and I have to give my book my full attention before the deadline hits. Speaking of books, how do you like those photos of color fire? I took those from my bestie's fireplace over Thanksgiving. She threw in three packets of those chemicals that turn the fire different colors. It reminded me of my guy Kyle. He's badass like these flames.

Like everything else to add to the stress of my little time...the holidays! I love Christmas especially; it's unfortunate that I've been crazy busy with my time. I had a wonderful time decorating with my hubby and kiddos last weekend. I also went to a holiday karate party where we did a white elephant gift exchange. I got this nifty waterfall which fits perfectly with my decor in the bedroom. I made Japanese-style curry for the party, as well as my infamous 'Bûche De Noël.' For my secret santa from the editing house I do freelance for, I received these sweet LED lamps. They are PERFECT for my new writing room (ugh forgot to download the room photos that show the entire setup...someday I'll post!)

Amongst the many other things in my life, I signed up for Karate. You might ask if I'm nuts considering I have like zero time. Yes I am nuts. I did it mainly so I can be with my kids and help them if needed. Really, they are the ones helping me - as they are far more advanced than I am. Usually during their karate sessions, I would try and work on my book, watch my kids, or chat with the other moms. Secretly, I wanted to do it too, but I figured I didn't have much time. Well, this past season, a bunch of the moms (and a dad) signed up. I felt more comfortable joining, and the rest is history. I love it so much; I had wanted to do it as a teen but my parents never had the funds. It's kind of a check off my bucket list. I'm having a great time and enjoying it.

A little on the downside of things: I haven't done any creative work outside my book basically this entire year. I wish I had more time to draw, paint, and do photoshoots. I even had started a KQ fanfiction that I am DYING to continue to write. There's. Just. No. Time. Ahhhhh. I've been wanting to shoot another version of my Red Sonja, make another Skyrim cosplay, shoot my Melisandre and Mage Tier gear. For painting, I've been dying to do a fanart of He-man (of course with Dolph Lundren) and Anya Chalotra (Yennefer from the Witcher series)....the creative list is endless. But above everything, I MUST finish my novel. It's important to me. So yeah, priorities. I just have to do what I set out to do at the moment.

I really do hope everyone is well. Thank you to those who have reached out - and to those who have read my posts. I am sorry to a few of you that I have been meaning to email - believe me - I have not forgotten you at all. My full intentions are to send a heartfelt email. As I always have said, I hate to rush when it comes to personal correspondence. I want to give my full, undivided attention.

It's getting late. Time to do a little reading and off to bed. The start of a new week is on the horizon. If I don't post before Christmas, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

-Beth P.S. If you find a crapload of grammar or spelling errors in this post, I am sorry. For some freaking reason my spell check stopped working mid-post.

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2 commentaires

It's great to hear from you again! I'm glad you're ok! Don't worry about being away from us for so long, it's great that you're signed up to Karate! perhaps you can show us what you've learned in the future? and good luck with the manuscript!

Beth Hodgson
Beth Hodgson
16 déc. 2023
En réponse à

Thank you so much Knight! It's weird being away for so long, but I must admit, it's been good. I appreciate the well wishes!! Tomorrow is my belt testing...I'm nervous but excited! :)

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