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Sorceress Edea from Final Fantasy VIII: 2008 cosplay

As usual for my weekly website updates, I was sorting through my old cosplay photos and came across my Sorceress Edea collection from 2008. I think I only had one photo of this posted on my cosplay page, and thought to share a few more with you all.

If anyone is familiar with the cosplay scene back in 2008, you'd know that there weren't such things as cosplay materials. You had to use random supplies from Home Depot and the local craft stores to make cosplay props. Such as my headpiece, which was made out of Paperclay. Hours went into sculpting the headpiece, sanding it down, then adding more putty to it. Over and over again. I think the headpiece was one of the most difficult props I've ever crafted - at least it's in the top three. Here's my dorky self back in late 2007, in the works of crafting the headpiece.

I also crafted everything else in the costume, sewing the dress and wonky gloves with the long fingers. I premiered this costume in January of 2008 at Anime LA (Los Angeles, CA.) I have to say that this costume was my most favorite 'old' costume that I ever crafted. What I mean by old is that I divide up my time cosplaying; I refer to my 'old' cosplay days being 2006-2012, and my newer cosplay days as 2014-present. Although, 2014 is nearly 10 years away...I think I might have to revisit that statement at some point.

If you noticed the dates, I took a two year break due to the immense amount of pressure from my cosplay fans. I know it sounds odd, but I was constantly flooded with fan emails and ran my own personal cosplay site (kaolinitedreams) back then. I couldn't take the stress anymore, always feeling the heat to pump out cosplays in an unrealistic amount of time. Also, I became a new mom during that time, and needed time away from the public eye.

This was certainly a blast from the past. Wow! I do have more photos of these. I'll try and get them up in another post. Enjoy!

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You did a fantastic Job!

Beth Hodgson
Beth Hodgson
Mar 04, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much Knight! I was super proud of this costume back in the day. :D

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