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Triss Merigold photos up!

Updated: Jan 5

This will be a short but sweet post for today. I finally uploaded my 'Triss Merigold' cosplay set to my site. The set had a total of 55 images, but I only selected a handful of them. Many of the photos I had to downsize, which took awhile. Then I had to sort and choose my favorites.

You might ask why I didn't upload all 55 images? Some of the images were repetitive, meaning, similar poses. While I loved all the images, I didn't want the set to bog down the viewer, and everything appear to look mundane after 20 images. As you can see, most of the photos I shot with my hair down. I know that the game version of Triss she has her hair up. I did take a few photos with my hair up like her in the game, but many I chose to wear my hair down (for those of you who are book fans like me!) I prefer the hair down personally. It reminds me the Old English master paintings with my red hair flowing, the tapestry backdrop, and the colors.

A note about the costume: I made only a few pieces of this costume. The leaf collar, the belt buckle, and the resin gems were made by me. The hair accessory was modified, I added the jewel to the circlet, and the rest was purchased. I normally don't like to purchase costumes, but at the time I was extremely busy and had to cut corners. Hey, I'm a wife and mom! I have an excuse!

To view the set, click here.

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