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Recent Reads: Legends Trilogy (Dragonlance)

Last month, I started to reread one of my favorite fantasy trilogies of all time: The Legends Trilogy from the Dragonlance series. I finished rereading the trilogy over the Labor Day weekend while I was at the con. I know I mentioned it briefly in one of my earlier posts, but I felt like I wanted to give this series a bit more attention.

I first read the Legends trilogy back in high school in the 90s. I was a huge reader when I was a teen, reading anything from Agatha Christie to the Hunchback of Notre Dame. When I was 15, I remember being in my math class and seeing a classmate reading the Dragonlance books. I asked him about the books, and he told me all about the books, the characters, and world. Since then, I checked out any and all Dragonlance books from the school and local library, starting with the first book 'Dragons of Autumn Twilight' from the Chronicles Trilogy.

The Chronicles Trilogy is an epic tale with the entire cast of characters. A lot of events transpire in the trilogy, and many are referred back to in the future books (Legends does this at times.) I haven't done a recent reread of the Chronicles, so what I am writing about is from memory from many years ago. I absolutely loved this trilogy as a teen, and they are a great intro into getting a reader's feet wet into the world of Dragonlance. That being said, the Legends hold a dear place in my heart.

Legends focuses on Raistlin, a wizard of the black robes, to journey into the portal to challenge the Queen of Darkness in order to take her place to be a god. In order to unlock the portal, he needs a priest cleric due. It was built this way because the unlikeliness of a holy cleric and a dark wizard to be united was thought to be impossible. That is, until Raistlin meets Crysania, a holy cleric. Without spoiling too much, there is much angst between the two of them (both having feelings toward each other.) There is more to these series, as there is time travel, and of course, comedy relief with one of my favorite characters, Tasslehoff - a child-like thief who finds items that people 'accidentally' drop.

Anyways, time is short and I must sign off for the moment. I highly recommend these books. I couldn't put them down this past month, and blew through them like nothing. I hope everyone has an excellent week! Until next time!

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